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Summer Bible Event!

Event Information

Date: July 13, 2019 Event Time: 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm Event Location: Pacifica Community Center Event City: Pacificia Event State: California

Contact Information

Contact Name: Peace Seminary Contact Phone Number: (510) 766-3420 Contact Email:

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Event Summary

We look to you being our guest, and aiding in spreading the Gospel!

Here at Peace Seminary we truly believe that your service to God is a prime example of what believers should strive in their own unique life of and just like that we work toward enriching the spiritual lives of believers through the Scriptures:

– Who We Are: A non-profit, non-denominational, organization that has joined hands with multiple ministries across the globe to spread the Gospel.

⁃ Our Purpose: dedicated in helping people have a deeper and better understanding of God’s love and His plans for us through the Bible itself. We hope to show our devotion by helping others find their purpose as God’s creation.

⁃ What We Do: As pastors, seminary students, evangelists, and theologians, we gather and take what we are learned to teach others and help believers from all walks of life understand the 66 books of the Bible!

Location Address

540 Crespi Dr

Location Notes

There will be free food, raffle tickets, grand prizes! Free parking available!