Contact A Ministry

A Call To The Nation

Carter Conlon

 (212) 541-6300

A Word for Life

Pastor Michael Fields


A Word With You

Ron Hutchcraft

 (877) 741-1200

Aging By the Bay

Tom DeZao / Michael Mendaros


An Orderly Account

Pastor John Stoos

 (916) 752-7911

Boldly Speaking Radio

Ron Dozler


Call To Worship

Pastor Bernie Timmerman

Creation Moments

Ian Taylor

 (800) 422-4253


Peter Wallace


Decision For Christ

Tim Robinson


Destined for Victory

Pastor Paul Sheppard

 (855) 339-5500

Evangelistic Outreach

Bishop Mack Eastman

 (510) 533-5476

First Person

Wayne Shepherd

 (630) 532-7467

God Is

Pastor Mark Swallow


Haven Now

Charles Morris

 (800) 65-HAVEN

Holy Scriptures and Israel

Gideon Levytam

 (925) 468-2723

In Search of the Lord's Way

Phil Sanders

 800 321 8633

Key Life

Steve Brown

 (800) KEY LIFE

Leading the Way

Michael Youssef

 (800) 538-7677

Life from the Word

Pastor Chris Swansen


Light of Christ

Tom & Paula Graves

 715 424 1144

Living Word Church

Pastor Derrick Lomax

 (650) 757-3500

Money Wise Weekend

Rob West and Steve Moore


Nothing But the Truth

Louveta Jones, Evangelist

 (844) 303-4483

On The Level

Pastor Pancho Juarez

 (323) 724-8464

Private Lending Fundamentals

Frank Gammicchia

 707 542 6711

Regaining Lost Ground

Pastor Shane Idleman


Revival For End Times

Pastor Linda Rowe

 217 504 5655

Road to Reality

K.P. Yohannan

 (866) 946-2742

Sacred Name

Elder Jacob Meyer


Sir Winston Financial

 (707) 652-2359

Somebody Loves You Radio

Pastor Raul Ries

 (800) 634-9165

Sound of Faith

R.G. Hardy and Sharon Hardy Knotts

 (410) 525-0969

Study Verse by Verse

Pastor Leighton Sheley

 (650) 873-4095

The Hope Within You

Pastor Greg Valentine


The Narrow Path

Steve Gregg


The Old Trailblazer

Albert Pendarvis

 (225) 664-8658

The Real Life Radio Show

Anh and Kathleen Le


The View From The Lightouse

Pastor Marvin White


The White Horse Inn

Michael Horton

 (760) 739-9001

Viewpoint / Save America

Chuck Crismier


Voice of Eternal Gospel Ministries

Pastor Raphael Perez

 (561) 688-2150

Voice of Wisdom/God's Covenant Church

Pastor Perry Boyd


Winning at Home

Dan Seaborn

 (888) WAH-TEAM

Winning with the Word

Pastor Ray Brown, Sr.

 (210) 658-0459

KDIA will remain fully operational during the COVID-19 shelter in place orders.
Pastors, call us to learn how to stay in touch with you congregation and community (510) 243-9482.