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Christianity Today

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  • The Purpose of the World: To Become the Church
    Paul on “good works”—and my replies to initial critiques of this series. Let me begin this essay by responding to some critiques of the series up to this point, and especially about last week’s essay, “The Church Does Not Exist for the Sake of the World.” While most readers seem appreciative, I expected pushback for […]
    Mark Galli
  • The Bonhoeffer That History Overlooked
    In 1946, a man named Ernst Lohmeyer disappeared from East Germany. It took me three decades to piece together his story. I had never heard of Ernst Lohmeyer until I was in my late 20s. I came across his name in the same way I came across many names at the time—as another scholar whom […]
    James R. Edwards
  • Fleeing North in the Full Armor of God
    When our church offered therapy to traumatized migrants, we witnessed the healing power of Scripture. Traffickers had trapped Mayra, a Honduran woman, and her three children in a southern Mexican house alongside a crowd of other migrants. The traffickers had stolen her money and her phone. Her wide-eyed six-year old son was slurring his speech. […]
    John Garland
  • How Should We Think About Declining Denominational Numbers?
    There’s more that matters than just the numbers. Are denominations dying? Are local churches increasingly ineffective? Is the church losing? Recently, the Southern Baptist Convention released their Annual Church Profile (APC), reporting on key metrics for the SBC, including church attendance, number of baptisms, number of churches, and giving. Overall, the numbers weren’t good. Membership […]
    John Davidson
  • 8 Simple (but not easy) Rules for Movement: Part 6 - Send Co-Vocational Teams
    When so-called “secular” work is seen as part of the mission, it can aid the church reproducing the process. Now that we have a leader in place and a team of complementary gifts established, we are now ready to institute a process for sending them into the harvest. I propose that the sixth step required […]
    Jeff Christopherson
  • In Charleston, Racial Healing Meant More Than Hugs and Unity Marches
    As the first anniversary of the 2015 church massacre neared, public shows of support masked private tensions. But cracks were appearing in the city’s segregated silos. Editor’s note: Four years ago today, 21-year-old white supremacist Dylann Roof opened fire during a Wednesday evening gathering at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, a historically black congregation in […]
    Jennifer Berry Hawes
  • Oops! 10 Funny Distractions Pastors Faced While Preaching on Sunday
    No one ever said the life of a pastor was boring. A month ago, I was preaching at College Church in Wheaton, IL. They gave me 30 minutes to speak and I always try to finish on time, as a means of serving my hosts well. I usually preach longer than 30 minutes, so I […]
    Ed Stetzer
  • Are Guns Inherently Evil?
    Shane Claiborne and Michael Martin envision a future without firearms. Should believers rally to their cause? Someone, somewhere in America will be the victim of gun violence today. Mass shootings have become part of our routine national experience. What should be done with guns? That, essentially, is the question animating a new book from Shane […]
    Matthew Arbo
  • Will Southern Baptists’ Political Truce Last Through 2020?
    After a polarizing presidential election in 2016, evangelicals rethink their discourse and engagement. Unlike its tense annual meetings over the last few years, when partisan allegiances shook up the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), leaders at this week’s gathering offered broad encouragement to transcend political divides, while the messengers rallied together to condemn sexual abuse. The […]
    Kate Shellnutt
  • What This Charleston Massacre Documentary Wants to Tell Us About Forgiveness
    A close look at the deadly church shooting, “Emanuel” reveals ruthless sin, scandalous mercy, and divides that persist. “Only five of us were left after the massacre,” said Polly Sheppard. In 2015, Sheppard was in the prayer circle at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church when a 21-year-old white supremacist started shooting. The nation’s deadliest […]
    Josh M. Shepherd
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