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  • Moonshot: What Barth, Tillich, and Tozer Thought of the Space Age
    CT’s 1958 interview provides some bearing on today's missions to the sun, Mars and beyond. It seems like so long ago that a moonshot was just a moonshot. Today, “moonshot” has come to mean an improbable mission—curing cancer, artificial general intelligence, or interstellar flight—a giant leap for mankind. Humanity’s current leap is toward the sun, […]
    Douglas Estes
  • The 13 Persecuted Christians Chosen by the State Department to Share Their Stories with the World
    At this week's second Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom, 30 survivors from 19 countries from all faiths were given a global platform in Washington DC. At this week’s Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom, billed as the largest human rights event the US State Department has ever held, 30 people were invited to share theirs or […]
    Morgan Lee
  • Pompeo: Why We’re Hosting the World’s Biggest Event on Religious Persecution
    Secretary of State Mike Pompeo explains to CT why the State Department invited 100 nations and 1,000 participants to its second Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom. This week, the US State Department invited more than 100 countries to come to DC and discuss how to stop the dramatic decline of religious freedom worldwide. CT’s global […]
    Interview by Jeremy Weber
  • And Now, the Star of the Show....
    How we inadvertently create a cult of personality around our preachers. Here is the “most effective” and terrible sermon illustration I’ve ever used: One day my wife and I were arguing about something—the exact subject has long been forgotten. In the course of the argument—probably when she was getting the best of me—I became so […]
    Mark Galli
  • New England Cities Named Most ‘Post-Christian’
    Barna’s rankings spur pastors in secularizing spots—in the Northeast and across the country—to continue working and praying for revival. Eight locales in the Northeast and New England, a region historically known for its “righteous roots” and religious freedom, along with two West Coast spots, top the Barna Group’s annual list of most “post-Christian” cities. Barna […]
    Rachel Kang
  • One-on-One with Gary Nelson on the Decline of Christendom
    “The church needs to re-introduce itself as a place, as a possibility, and as a neighborhood impact, as opposed to a place people ‘attend’ or ‘go’.” Ed: One of the things you talk about in your book is the decline of Christendom in Canada. This has led to a clear sorting out—those who are in […]
    Ed Stetzer
  • Korean Church Court Dodges Decision on Pastoral Succession
    Denomination delays verdict on how Myungsung, the world’s largest Presbyterian church, passed its pulpit from father to son. The two-year saga embroiling the world’s largest Presbyterian church remained unresolved Tuesday, despite a scheduled ruling from the denomination’s court. The court of the Presbyterian Church of Korea (PCK-Tonghap) failed to determine the legitimacy of the 2017 […]
    J. Y. Lee
  • Are Evangelicals More Empathetic?
    Analysis on recent survey results may provide Christians with some encouragement—and reproof. I got some terrific responses to my previous articlethat focused on how religious faith can lead to an increased level of altruistic behavior among various religious traditions. The surprising conclusion was that there were very small differences between evangelicals and those with no […]
    Ryan Burge
  • No Matter Where You Are, Religious Freedom Is Getting Worse
    A decade of analysis from Pew details what global faith leaders already know: From China to Europe, from the Middle East to the US, persecution is climbing. Ahead of a US State Department gathering being touted as “the biggest religious freedom event ever,” a new report showcases how persecution is getting worse—especially for Christians, the […]
    Griffin Paul Jackson
  • Epstein, Abuse, & the Log in Our Own Eye: It's Not Just Out There
    Jeffrey Epstein's case is disturbing—and in some ways it mirrors the abuse crisis in the church. Just last week, news surfaced of the arrest of financier Jeffrey Epstein for running a child trafficking enterprise that allowed him to sexually abuse girls as young as 14. When federal agents searched his New York City mansion, they […]
    Ed Stetzer
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