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12:00 am
June Hunt
1:00 am
Janet Mefferd
2:00 am
Steve Gregg
3:00 am
Lisa Anderson
3:30 am
John Stonestreet
4:00 am
Chuck Crismier
5:00 am
Pastor Erwin Lutzer
6:00 am
Rob West and Steve Moore
6:30 am
Ravi Zacharias
7:00 am
Wayne Shepherd
7:30 am
Peter Wallace
8:00 am
Charles Morris
8:30 am
John Stonestreet
9:00 am
Tom & Paula Graves
9:30 am
Dr. James Dobson
10:00 am
Tom DeZao / Michael Mendaros
10:30 am
Samantha Landy
11:00 am
Rob West and Steve Moore
11:30 am
Pastor Paul Sheppard
12:30 pm
Ravi Zacharias
1:00 pm
Pastor Raphael Perez
1:30 pm
Pastor Perry Boyd
2:00 pm
Lisa Anderson
2:30 pm
Al Pittman
3:00 pm
Carter Conlon
3:30 pm
Charles Morris
4:00 pm
Tom & Paula Graves
4:30 pm
Bob Gourley
5:00 pm
Roland Trujillo
5:30 pm
Pastor Raul Ries
6:00 pm
Michael Horton
6:30 pm
Dr. James Dobson
7:00 pm
Radio Drama
7:30 pm
Radio Drama
8:30 pm
Pastor Derrick Lomax
8:45 pm
Pastor Marvin White
9:00 pm
Sister Jonnie
9:30 pm
Al Pittman
10:00 pm
John Stonestreet
10:30 pm
Charles Morris
11:00 pm
Doug Batchelor

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Christianity Today

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  • Lauren Daigle’s Christmas Cheer Doesn’t Pause for a Pandemic
    Ahead of her first televised special, the chart-topping Christian artist told CT her music has taken on special meaning in 2020. This is Lauren Daigle’s third year reigning as Billboard’s top Christian artist. But her music—from powerful reminders of God’s presence to the comforting nostalgia of Christmas—has struck her differently in 2020. In an interview […]
    Megan Fowler
  • Thomas Jefferson Tried to ‘Fix’ the Bible. He Only Succeeded in Making It Sad.
    The third president’s attempts to revise Scripture offer a warning about our own tendency to “edit” the truth. I first heard of Thomas Jefferson’s Bible as a warning. I was a teenager in a Bible study, and one of the pastors of the church brought up the third American president and his effort to “fix” […]
    Daniel Silliman
  • Christian Political Exile Persists No Matter the President
    The Trump era was not a new Babylon, and the Biden era will be no new Jerusalem. (And vice versa.) Nearly 600 years before the birth of Christ, the city of Jerusalem was besieged, conquered, and razed by the Babylonian empire. The victorious invaders captured the king, destroyed the temple, and took thousands of Israelites […]
    Bonnie Kristian
  • The Calling of the Evangelist
    How do we differentiate the calling of an evangelist from other leadership roles? Evangelists are rare people and sometimes odd. OK, let’s be honest, they are mostly odd people! The unique gifts and expressions of evangelists typically cause them to stand out for better and worse. Because of their conviction around the centrality of the […]
    York Moore
  • Southern Baptists Keep Quarreling Over Critical Race Theory
    Even among Christians who agree Scripture comes first, there’s a debate over whether to learn from or reject secular theories that see racism as structural. A year and a half after passing a controversial resolution on critical race theory, Southern Baptists are debating the topic again. Seminary presidents issued a statement last week saying that […]
    Kate Shellnutt
  • 2020’s Most-Read Bible Verse: ‘Do Not Fear’
    In an uncertain and difficult year, a record number of people searched for healing, fear, and justice. During the hardest moments of a particularly difficult year, Bible searches soared online, and a record number of people turned to Scripture for passages addressing fear, healing, and justice. The popular YouVersion Bible App saw searches increase by […]
    Kate Shellnutt
  • Future Now: Leading with Humility
    To lead well in 2020 and beyond will require a new level of listening and learning. "This is not what I signed up for," a pastor recently said to me—and I get it. Most of us signed up for the kind of ministry where we preach and teach the Bible, share the gospel, people respond […]
    Ed Stetzer
  • Refugee Ministries Hope to Rebuild Under Biden
    After drastic cuts over the past four years, they need to rally partners and volunteers to be ready for a jump in refugee admittance. After President-elect Joe Biden reiterated his pledge to raise the refugee ceiling to 125,000, resettlement agencies are making plans to restore their efforts to “welcome the stranger.” Under the Trump administration, […]
    Stefani McDade
  • Bethlehem’s Inns Are Empty This Christmas
    Tourism to the biblical city celebrated as Jesus’ birthplace remains halted with West Bank under lockdown. The coronavirus has cast a pall over Christmas celebrations in Bethlehem, all but shutting down the biblical town revered as Jesus’ birthplace at the height of the normally cheery holiday season. Missing are the thousands of international pilgrims who […]
    Jelal Hassan – Associated Press
  • Seven Identifiers for those Blinded by Self-Righteousness
    Self-righteousness pervades individuals, families, and organizations, so we must learn how to recognize it. We live in a world filled with self-righteous people, groups, and institutions. Self-righteousness is more than a trait—it is a state, a condition, or a way of life. It refers to those who are holier-than-thou, pharisaic, or sanctimonious. It’s a prideful […]
    Josh Laxton

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