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12:00 am
June Hunt
1:00 am
Janet Mefferd
2:00 am
Steve Gregg
3:00 am
Pastor Shane Idleman
3:30 am
Chip Ingram
4:00 am
Chuck Crismier
5:00 am
Gideon Levytam
5:30 am
Pastor Erwin Lutzer
5:57 am
Chuck Bentley
6:00 am
Steve Brown
6:15 am
Joyce Meyer
6:29 am
Charles Morris
6:30 am
Albert Pendarvis
6:45 am
Pastor Leighton Sheley
7:00 am
Pastor Raul Ries
7:30 am
Ron Dozler
8:00 am
Charles Morris
8:27 am
Dan Seaborn
8:30 am
Pastor Chris Swansen
8:55 am
Pastor Leighton Sheley
9:00 am
Michael Youssef
9:30 am
Ravi Zacharias
9:45 am
Pastor Mark Swallow
10:00 am
Chip Ingram
10:30 am
Pastor Greg Laurie
11:00 am
Pastor Erwin Lutzer
11:30 am
Steve Brown
11:45 am
Joyce Meyer
12:00 pm
Pastor Leighton Sheley
12:15 pm
R.G. Hardy and Sharon Hardy Knotts
12:30 pm
Pastor Paul Sheppard
1:00 pm
Ron Dozler
1:26 pm
Ian Taylor
1:30 pm
Pastor Pancho Juarez
2:00 pm
Steve Gregg
3:00 pm
Hank Hanegraaff
3:30 pm
Adriel Sanchez and Bill Maier
4:00 pm
Pastor Greg Laurie
4:30 pm
Tom Cantor
5:00 pm
Anh and Kathleen Le
5:15 pm
Pastor Mark Swallow
5:28 pm
Pastor Marcus Small
5:30 pm
Pastor Ray Brown, Sr.
5:58 pm
John Stonestreet
6:00 pm
Dr. Ephraim Williams
6:30 pm
Al Pitman
7:00 pm
Pastor Raul Ries
7:30 pm
Gideon Levytam
8:00 pm
Pastor Erwin Lutzer
8:30 pm
Pastor Paul Sheppard
9:00 pm
Pastor Shane Idleman
9:30 pm
Charles Morris
10:00 pm
Steve Brown
10:15 pm
Joyce Meyer
10:30 pm
Ravi Zacharias
10:45 pm
Anh and Kathleen Le
11:00 pm
Hank Hanegraaff
11:30 pm
Ron Dozler

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Christianity Today

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  • How Megachurches Spent Coronavirus Relief Funds
    Religious groups got $7.3B in forgivable loans. That financial security helped ministry teams focus. Mike Vaughn doesn’t think churches should accept money from the government, normally. But when the administrative pastor of the Palm Valley Church in Goodyear, Arizona, looked at the looming economic crisis brought on by the coronavirus shutdowns, the staff jobs he […]
    Luke Scorziell 
  • Grace in the Garden
    Morality as given by God is sown in the hearts of all people. When I survey American evangelicalism, an issue plaguing our public engagement is the implied notion that Christian concerns over what is just and moral are inherently sectarian. In other words, our concerns for the world are only “Christian concerns” and not concerns […]
    Andrew Walker
  • White Fragility: A Conversation on Race and Racism Part Two
    Beginning the second part of our series on Robin DiAngelo's 'White Fragility.' Last week, we began a robust conversation about Robin DiAngelo’s White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism. With the wide range of responses we’ve received, it has only become clearer that engaging with this popular secular book […]
    Ed Stetzer and Sitara Roden
  • Hundreds of Positions Eliminated at Evangelical Colleges and Universities
    Ongoing financial concerns exacerbated by COVID-19. Update (August 10): Heading into the fall semester, evangelical colleges and universities have eliminated more than 230 faculty and staff positions. Dozens of faculty and staff were cut in the spring, with schools citing COVID-19 and ongoing financial concerns. Scores more were eliminated from four institutions over the summer: […]
    Liam Adams
  • Learning to Long for the Beloved Community
    How one Indiana church is taking steps towards racial justice. On a cool morning in March, I gather at my church with fellow members in Marion, Indiana. We stand in a circle in the parking lot, holding hands, praying not only for our body of believers but also for our town. This is a church […]
    Julie L. Moore
  • Christian Camps Tried to Keep COVID-19 Away. It Didn’t Always Work.
    Can schools learn from summer successes and outbreaks? Even with increased safety protocols in place, some Christian camps could not keep out COVID-19 this summer. Week after week, the headlines tracked the outbreaks: 82 cases at Camp Kanakuk in Missouri, an evangelical camp that draws kids from 10 states. Dozens at a church camp in […]
    Megan Fowler
  • White Fragility: Sin, Redemption and the Gospel
    An insufficient doctrine of sin and redemption cannot hope to resolve systemic injustice. Though published in 2018, Robin DiAngelo’s #1 New York Times bestseller, White Fragility, has returned to the top of the bestseller list in the wake of the recent racial tensions and protests in America. In her book, DiAngelo unpacks the phenomenon of […]
    William Murrell
  • White Fragility: Behind the Worldview
    Unraveling the contemporary critical theory behind White Fragility is key to deciphering its meaning. In our 2019 Gospel Coalition article “The Incompatibility of Critical Theory and Christianity,” Dr. Pat Sawyer and I recommended that Christians read White Fragility because it was —and is —the most popular example of a book rooted in contemporary critical theory, […]
    Neil Shenvi 
  • How I Explained Beirut’s Explosion to My Kids
    As Christian parents, our children must know we will keep them safe. But that does not mean keeping them comfortable. Our family was sitting down to dinner when the walls rumbled. Assuming it was just an unusual surge of electricity preceding one of Lebanon’s frequent power outages, we readied to say our prayers. And then […]
    Jayson Casper in Beirut
  • Public Theology Isn’t Just for Academics
    Our faith comes to life when we share our stories. After the police shooting of Michael Brown in October of 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri, Cornel West and other clergy organized an interfaith service to protest Brown’s murder. Yet young protestors in attendance rejected what they interpreted as theological platitudes offered from the stage, wrote Leah […]
    Susan Codone

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