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John Stonestreet
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Dr. Ephraim Williams
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Al Pitman
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Pastor Raul Ries
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Gideon Levytam

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Christianity Today

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  • Love in the Desert of Lent
    This season’s greatest gift has nothing to do with discipline. When I hit a desert season in my spiritual life some years ago, I felt haunted by the abundance I had left behind. I missed about 10 years of sermons due to pregnancy nausea, crying babies, toddler tantrums, dirty diapers that needed changing right in […]
    Julie Canlis
  • Coronavirus Searches Lead Millions to Hear About Jesus
    Tens of thousands have clicked to pray for salvation since the outbreak. Is the increase temporary or a harbinger of greater gospel witness online? Millions of worried people who have turned to Google with their anxiety over COVID-19 have ended up connecting with Christian evangelists in their search results—leading to a spike in online conversions […]
    David Roach
  • What Passion Week Means
    Because of Christ's darkest week, he can be with us in ours. For today’s musical pairing, listen to “Agnus Dei,” Samuel Barber’s own choral arrangement of his “Adagio for Strings.” Note that all the songs for this series have been gathered into a Spotify playlist here. “From that time on Jesus began to explain to […]
    Timothy Dalrymple
  • Ministering to Teens While They Shelter at Home
    Teenagers are at home, activities are shut down, and many of those “lasts” are lost. It’s the final stretch for the 2020 school year, and in a normal year it would be filled with several “lasts” that help bring closure for teenagers as they move from one grade to another and enter their summer break. […]
    Ben Trueblood
  • Not Even the Gates of a Hellish Pandemic Will Prevail Over God’s Church
    Scripture doesn’t promise wealth or health or even life. What, then, does it promise? My grandfather was a preacher at Beaverdam, a black Baptist church in Alabama. Periodically, when his ministry would take him from the pulpit, the associate pastor would step in. The joke around my family was that every time the associate preached, […]
    Esau Mccaulley
  • Why Brazil’s Churches Closed, Even Though President Bolsonaro Disagrees
    Evangelical leaders explain why heeding public health experts on COVID-19 doesn’t violate their faith but instead demonstrates it. Brazil’s churches have landed on the front lines of a disagreement between state governors and President Jair Bolsonaro over the states’ quarantine measures designed to contain the spread of the new coronavirus, which has sickened more than […]
    Maurício Zágari and The Associated Press
  • Christians Debate Paying Tithes to African Churches Closed by Coronavirus
    New appeals for digital offerings in Kenya and Rwanda face pushback from congregants sheltering at home and out of work Pastor Victor Wafula preached to an empty auditorium as he decried low offerings due to low attendance, as his Nairobi congregants remained in their homes due to fear of the new coronavirus. “We should be […]
    Tonny Onyulo in Nairobi
  • Will COVID-19 Lead to the Next Great American Awakening?
    I think we finally are beginning to realize we need God. As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) sweeps across our country, confining us to another month at home, some have asked me, “Are we on the verge of a spiritual awakening?” There are some hopeful signs. In many ways, we now are doing the very things we […]
    Greg Laurie
  • Christian Zionism Isn’t the Caricature of Popular Imagination
    It isn’t end-times fascination that explains the enduring bond between evangelicals and Israel. Dwight D. Eisenhower was the first president baptized in office. Shortly after his inauguration, Edward L. R. Elson of the National Presbyterian Church in Washington baptized the president in a private ceremony. For several reasons, Elson was an interesting figure during America’s […]
    John D. Wilsey
  • The Egg Hunt Must Go On? Churches Reconfigure Options for Easter
    Socially distant festivities include grab bags, virtual hunts, and coronavirus outreach. Just as churches have gotten the hang of digital worship and socially distant ministry, they must pivot to another challenge: Easter. Over weeks of planning, leaders have grappled with how to mark the church’s most theologically significant celebration, Christ’s victory over death, when members […]
    Megan Fowler

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