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  • How Norine Brunson Prayed When Her Husband Was Imprisoned
    Brunson describes the spiritual habits that helped her face persecution in Turkey. Officials arrested Andrew and Norine Brunson in 2016 when they applied for permanent visas in Turkey, where they’d lived and ministered for 23 years. Authorities released Norine 13 days later, but Andrew remained in prison for two years, accused of being a spy. […]
    Interview by Seana Scott
  • Female Evangelical Leaders Have a Hidden Predecessor to Thank
    Kathryn Kuhlman’s story offers a case study of the indisputable achievements of strong evangelical women and the equally indisputable roadblocks they often face. “You have been called ‘hypnotic, charismatic, hypnotizing,’” said Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show in 1974. His guest resisted. With a disarming smile, she said she was “just the most ordinary person […]
    Grant Wacker
  • When Satan Takes the High Road, We Take the Low Road
    Why humility is one of the most effective tools for resisting the Devil. For we are not unaware of [Satan’s] schemes,” says the apostle Paul in 2 Corinthians 2:11. We always forgive people, he says one verse earlier, because we know what the Devil is up to, and we are not having any of it. […]
    Andrew Wilson
  • Interview: Kate Bowler: Why Christian Women Become Celebrity ‘Influencers’
    When the path to formal church leadership is blocked, they'll naturally look for other ways to reach an audience. Tish Harrison Warren lit up the internet with an essay for Christianity Today that asked, “Who’s in Charge of the Christian Blogosphere?” In her piece, Warren addressed “a crisis of authority” resulting from so much de […]
    Interview by Karen Swallow Prior
  • A Sixth-Generation Mormon Meets a Born-Again Christian
    He asked me how I knew my faith was true. I couldn’t give a compelling answer. I was a competitive tennis player and an academic high-achiever. Whatever I did, I did it with all of my heart—and being a good Mormon was no exception. As a sixth-generation Mormon girl, I believed that the Mormon Church […]
    Lisa Brockman
  • Interview: Andrew Brunson Expected Persecution. He Didn’t Expect to Feel Abandoned by God.
    How the American pastor handled a crisis of faith during his Turkish imprisonment. Many of the Christians we admire most have been imprisoned for the cause of Christ. Believers like Corrie ten Boom and Richard Wurmbrand are remembered as giants of faith and perseverance, blessed with a peculiar sense of God’s power and presence even […]
    Interview by Jaclyn S. Parrish
  • ‘Evangelical’ Isn’t Code for White and Republican
    The movement is richer and more diverse than media portrayals suggest. There was a time when the term evangelical was a badge of honor, not a cause for embarrassment. In 1976, Newsweek magazine proclaimed “the year of the evangelical,” heralding the new prominence of theologically conservative Protestants with the cover story “Born Again!” At the […]
    Daniel K. Williams
  • A Foster Mother, a Murderer, and a Seemingly Simple Yes
    How a shocking gesture of grace changed them both from the inside out. When the words murder and motherhood share the same book title, it’s a safe bet that a tale of tragedy will follow. But Debra Moerke’s new memoir, Murder, Motherhood, and Miraculous Grace: A True Story, reads more like a narrative of redemption […]
    Lindsey Carlson
  • Jesus Didn’t Suffer to Prove a Philosophical Point
    What the cross teaches us about his remarkable patience. One of the most remarkable things about Jesus’ suffering is his patience. He could have used miracles to make himself impervious to discomfort and to achieve instantaneous results, but he didn’t. Jesus was conceived in his mother’s womb, then waited nine months to be born. He […]
    Rankin Wilbourne and Brian Gregor
  • Should Christian Leaders Preach Their Doubts from Social Media Pulpits?
    Experts respond. Over the summer, former pastor and I Kissed Dating Goodbye author Joshua Harris announced on Instagram the “deconstruction” of his faith. Then, a Hillsong songwriter—Marty Sampson—posted that he too was “losing his faith.” CT asked several Christian voices to share some considerations around when and how prominent figures should disclose their doubts and […]
    Kate Shellnutt
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