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June Hunt
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Janet Mefferd
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Steve Gregg
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Lisa Anderson
3:30 am
John Stonestreet
4:00 am
Chuck Crismier
5:00 am
Pastor Erwin Lutzer
6:00 am
Rob West and Steve Moore
6:30 am
Ravi Zacharias
7:00 am
Wayne Shepherd
7:30 am
Peter Wallace
8:00 am
Charles Morris
8:30 am
John Stonestreet
9:00 am
Tom & Paula Graves
9:30 am
Dr. James Dobson
10:00 am
Tom DeZao / Michael Mendaros
10:30 am
Samantha Landy
11:00 am
Rob West and Steve Moore
11:30 am
Pastor Paul Sheppard
12:30 pm
Ravi Zacharias
1:00 pm
Pastor Raphael Perez
1:30 pm
Pastor Perry Boyd
2:00 pm
Lisa Anderson
2:30 pm
Al Pittman
3:00 pm
Carter Conlon
3:30 pm
Charles Morris
4:00 pm
Tom & Paula Graves
4:30 pm
Bob Gourley
5:00 pm
Roland Trujillo
5:30 pm
Pastor Raul Ries
6:00 pm
Michael Horton
6:30 pm
Dr. James Dobson
7:00 pm
Radio Drama
7:30 pm
Radio Drama
8:30 pm
Pastor Derrick Lomax
8:45 pm
Pastor Marvin White
9:00 pm
Sister Jonnie
9:30 pm
Al Pittman
10:00 pm
John Stonestreet
10:30 pm
Charles Morris
11:00 pm
Doug Batchelor

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Christianity Today

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  • The Pro-Life Project Has a Playbook: Racial Justice History
    The anti-racism campaign is a model for the anti-abortion movement. The past four years of American public life have been marked by partisan tension between the pro-life movement and the racial justice cause. Politically, at least, the two have been cleft apart and set at odds. The pro-life campaign is viewed by some as a […]
    Andrea Palpant Dilley
  • Black Churches Step in to Help Distribute COVID-19 Vaccines
    Florida pilot program could become model for other states. In his four decades as a minister, R. B. Holmes Jr. has never dealt with so much death. More than 24,000 Floridians have died from COVID-19, including more than a few of the flock that Holmes shepherds at Bethel Missionary Baptist Church in Tallahassee. “No one […]
    Adam MacInnis
  • Prayers and Praises from the World’s Hardest Places to Be a Christian
    The struggles and joys experienced by believers in 11 nations on Open Doors’ Christian persecution watchlist. More than 340 million Christians live in places with very high or extreme levels of persecution, according to Open Doors’ 2021 World Watch List. Since these believers are our brothers and sisters in Christ, we thought it might be […]
    Compiled by Morgan Lee
  • Montenegro’s Churches Get a Religious Freedom Do-Over
    Property dispute between Orthodox church and government that sparked mass protests in the Balkans ends—for now—with a strengthening of religious rights for evangelicals and other faiths. Europe’s second-newest nation made a second effort this week at greater religious freedom. And evangelicals in Montenegro, the Balkan nation independent from Serbia since 2006, couldn’t be more pleased. […]
    Jayson Casper
  • Waking Up After QAnon: How Can the Church Respond?
    Untangling the evangelical QAnon connection. If the QAnon slogan “Where we go one, we go all” is to be believed, it appears that the “all” are fading into history. You see, in a stunning turn of events, Joe Biden was sworn in as President of the United States. Well, for most people this was not […]
    Ed Stetzer and Andrew MacDonald
  • Missions and Missional: Remembering History
    Part 3 of Ed Stetzer's chapter from the recent release “Conversations on When Everything Is Missions” How do justice and evangelism co-exist? How do we manage to accomplish both demonstration and proclamation without repeating the perilous mistakes of the missio Dei movement of the middle last century while also avoiding an extreme restrictivism that is […]
    Ed Stetzer
  • SBC President’s Church Reinvestigates Bryan Loritts’s Abuse Response
    Seven months after hiring Loritts as executive pastor, the Summit Church has commissioned an independent review of how he handled voyeurism incidents at his former church. The Summit Church has retained the services of an outside firm to perform an independent review of specific actions taken by Pastor Bryan Loritts in his handling of 2010 […]
    Diana Chandler - Baptist Press
  • How Can Christians Stand Against Abortion During the Biden Administration?
    Advocates offer strategies to uphold the sanctity of the unborn even without the support of Congress and the White House. Though reversing restrictions on abortion access was not among more than a dozen executive actions signed by President Joe Biden on his first day in office, it’s only a matter of time before the new […]
    Megan Fowler
  • Introducing the New WCBGC African-American Church Evangelism Institute
    Wheaton College Billy Graham Center Receives $1 million Grant from Lilly Endowment Inc. to Launch African American Church Evangelism Institute Lilly Endowment Inc. has awarded a $1 million grant to Wheaton College (Ill.) to establish a new African American Church Evangelism Institute as a program of the Wheaton College Billy Graham Center. The program is […]
    Ed Stetzer
  • Word or Deeds: Shiite Firebrand Pledges to Restore Iraqi Christian Property
    Christians welcome the “solidarity” of controversial anti-American politician and militia leader in advance of expected visit by Pope Francis. If Pope Francis can avoid the complications of COVID-19 travel and get to Iraq in March, he will hear a lot about stolen property. Muqtada al-Sadr, a leading Shiite politician fiercely opposed to the US military […]
    Jayson Casper

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