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  • Jesus’ Re-Shaping of a Post-Pandemic Church May 25, 2020
    So, now what? For many, the fruit of this pandemic has been troubling, confusing, and spiritually disorienting. But not for all. For some, this season of cultural turbulence has brought greater clarity to their spiritual intuition. They’ve witnessed many moorings of tradition exposed as skimpy vestiges that could not possibly survive this test. They’ve watched […]
    Jeff Christopherson
  • President Trump, Governors, and Churches: We Don't Need an Immediate Opening, But We Do Need Communication and Collaboration May 23, 2020
    We don't want to rush ahead of the governor, but there is a significant and growing angst among many church attenders and many church leaders. In a press conference today President Trump called churches, synagogues, and mosques all "essential services" and called on governors to reopen them "right now." Where I live, Illinois Governor Pritzker […]
    Ed Stetzer
  • Trump Declares Churches ‘Essential’ as CDC Releases Reopening Guidelines May 22, 2020
    More than 1,000 pastors in Minnesota and California plan to resume worship by Pentecost Sunday, despite state restrictions. President Donald Trump’s declaration that houses of worship are “essential places that provide essential services” comes at a precarious point in the national balancing act that pits the call of worship against the risk of coronavirus. Even […]
    Elana Schor - Associated Press
  • GOD TV Dispute Has Israel Talking About Messianic Jews May 22, 2020
    Christian broadcaster's expansion into Hebrew cable channel may be short-lived, but raises profile of followers of Yeshua. An evangelical broadcaster who boasted of miraculously securing a TV license in Israel now risks being taken off the air over suspicions of trying to convert Jews to Christianity. The controversy over GOD TV has put both Israel […]
    The Associated Press and Jayson Casper
  • Myanmar Christians Split Over Canadian Pastor Arrested for Violating COVID-19 Restrictions May 22, 2020
    With a disproportionate number of the majority-Buddhist nation's outbreaks linked to church gatherings, is it religious persecution to punish leaders of the minority faith? A pastor in Myanmar who claimed Christians would not contract the coronavirus and then became infected himself is being charged with defying public assembly restrictions. His detractors, including fellow believers, say […]
    David Roach
  • ‘Free in Christ’ to Defy State Closures? Latino Churches Offer Insight. May 22, 2020
    Our churches are essential, but whether it is critical to gather is another question. [Leer en español] Categorizing the church as a non-essential institution is another blow to the Latino church. Many know firsthand what it means to be marginalized in society. Forced church closures add to this experience of rejection. It tells the Latino […]
    Rodolfo Galvan Estrada III
  • Deathbed Apology: Norma McCorvey’s Pro-Life Friends Tell Another Story May 22, 2020
    What the ‘AKA Jane Roe’ documentary gets wrong. In February 1970 I was Norma McCorvey, a pregnant street person, a twenty-one-year-old woman in big trouble,” writes McCorvey in her 1994 memoir I Am Roe. “I became Jane Roe at a corner table at Columbo’s, an Italian restaurant at Mockingbird Lane and Greenville Avenue in Dallas.” […]
    Jonathon Van Maren
  • Do Unto the Least of These? There’s a Wait List for That. May 22, 2020
    How one New York City food ministry is thriving, even behind masks. The line that forms Saturday mornings outside The Father’s Heart Ministries stretches farther than it used to—in part because of a rising number of first-time guests at the soup kitchen in Manhattan’s East Village, and in part because masked patrons stand safely distant […]
    Rita Omokha
  • How the Fall Affected Evangelism May 21, 2020
    Using the account of humanity’s fall in the garden, there are at least four reasons why God’s people don’t evangelize. God’s people have always been given the responsibility to declare God’s glory and name among the nations. Interestingly, the call of God’s people to declare God’s glory throughout the earth is something that creation, by […]
    Josh Laxton
  • Bible Museum Must Send One More Artifact Back to Iraq May 21, 2020
    Auction house covered up false purchase history for Gilgamesh tablet, US Attorney alleges. Another ancient document is causing controversy for the Museum of the Bible after a federal government prosecutor filed a claim that a six-by-five-inch clay tablet was stolen from Iraq. The US Attorney’s Office of Eastern New York says that Hobby Lobby legally […]
    Gordon Govier

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